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Week In Review – Part 2 – July 22 through 28th

With the roofing material paid for, and delivery date scheduled, nailing plywood on top of the truss system was ASAP .  Gordon created this tripod to hold four sheets of plywood. I was to lift the sheets and place them on the tripod for Gordon to place and nail them on the roof. He is truly a master at this task. A few spits in his hands, and he grabs one sheet of plywood and places it into the correct location. ALL WHILE STANDING THE ROOF TRUSSES. Cirque du Soleil of master builders!  What feats of strength he displays! 

When the roofing material arrives Gordon stays on the roof to supervise.  Correct placement of the material is important. I paid for roof top delivery, as there was no way I could carry this material up a ladder. Too Heavy!

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Week In Review – Part One – July 22 through 28th

With the trusses in place I continued to assist Gordon building the beach cabin.  Monday the front porch truss was mounted on the cabin, giving us the position and placement of the 4 x 4 posts and support beams.  I used the hammer drill to create holes in the concrete piers and mounted the brackets. Then positioned the wall brackets, while Gordon cut the 4 x 6 beams.  With a series of braces, carefully placed nails, and master planning, Gordon had the support system of the porch complete and ready for the trusses.

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8000 Nails and counting – July 16 – 20 the

This covers the work week of July 16 through the 20th.  We have used 8000 nails so far, and just opened the next box of 4000.  Where do they all go?  Wall.  Inside wall were created on Monday and Tuesday. 

Next up was the water line from the street to the house. Gordon was able to use the excavator to dig a 2 foot wide 3 foot deep trench 80 feet to reach the cabin.  The ground water began to seep in at 36 inches, but we worked fast to lay the pipe and fill the trench.

The balance of the week was completing the installation of the roof trusses.

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Wow! This is really hard work.  More than I had expected.

Snow at the Beach

snow at the beach Thursday morning

I picture the Beach grass light lightly dusted with snow.

The small pine tree limbs sag under the weight of the white powder.

It not too often that you are able to walk on the beach, dusted with snow,

 watching and listening to the waves crash on the shore. 

However, I’m sitting in my home, 2 hours away, enjoying the weather camera view.