Small Home under 600 square Feet


Roofing Complete & Week in Review

Oh..I said to myself, “I’ll have it done by Wednesday!”  Then on to ….Well Friday rolled around and I was just putting the finishing touches on the roof.  This was hard work.  I had safety brackets at the roofs edge, but working the extension ladder, and sitting on my butt, was stressful.  And to think I wanted a higher pitched roof.  Now that was a very dumb idea!  I was glad I listened to the advice of Gordon who suggested against my high roof, and settled for a 6/12 pitch.  And that was still steep.

Francelle came out on Monday and assisted in removing the interior bracing, cleaned the cabin floor, and pulled nails. Now you can see the interior walls taking shape.

Gordon came out on Tueday to check on my progress, and install the roof and pumbling vents. Later in the week I received a tutorial on completing the roof and installing the roof cap. Friday I began staining the underside of the roof.  This will prevent mold, and its easy now without siding, windows, and gutters.

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Week In Review – Part 2 – July 22 through 28th

With the roofing material paid for, and delivery date scheduled, nailing plywood on top of the truss system was ASAP .  Gordon created this tripod to hold four sheets of plywood. I was to lift the sheets and place them on the tripod for Gordon to place and nail them on the roof. He is truly a master at this task. A few spits in his hands, and he grabs one sheet of plywood and places it into the correct location. ALL WHILE STANDING THE ROOF TRUSSES. Cirque du Soleil of master builders!  What feats of strength he displays! 

When the roofing material arrives Gordon stays on the roof to supervise.  Correct placement of the material is important. I paid for roof top delivery, as there was no way I could carry this material up a ladder. Too Heavy!

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