Small Home under 600 square Feet

BUT WAIT… what have you done ?

This past week it appears I did nothing.  Oh sure, I stained the fascia and roof over hang.  Raked the yard, met with the septic installer, visited with the electrician, and had a campfire.  But nothing big like the roof or wall. 

 Staining the fascia meant dealing with the ladder all round the cabin. The front is sandy and easy to move around in, but the back of the small house has the plants, roots, and uneven ground. It’s a challenge, and an area I avoid. I had purchased a small airless sprayer, from Home Depot which made the painting  job easier.  Yet, up and down the ladder really wore me out.

When Gordon showed up on Tuesday we reviewed the next part of the building process.  Completing the inner walls, blocking for drywall and preparing for a Shear nail and wall inspection.

Gordon walked around the cabin and noted areas on the walls I needed to add more nails.  His pencil marks, my red pencil, were reminders “more nails here”.  I busied myself for hours nailing away.

When the building inspector arrived, more nails were needed!  He noted with red paint, and I got to work, and this filled my Wednesday afternoon.  (so much for going to the beach to play)

Gordon reviewed the drywall blocking again on Thursday and Friday, and provided help on the “two-man jobs” to move my project along.  The blocking is to allow the drywall installers a nail surface to mount the drywall on, without it, drywall will just flap in the breeze.

And I am extending the nine foot inner wall to reach the vaulted ceiling height in the bathroom and mechanical ( storage) room.

These walls have to meet the rafters, be straight, provide a stabble surface for nailing, and perfect.  It should take me a week to complete.

The image  on the right is an example of the blocking required in the vaulted wall at the end of the house. Walls need to extend upward, and provide that nailing surface needed.

Next week septic tanks and drainfield with be installed, roof gutters, and I continue my practice of ladder climbing, nailing, blocking.

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