Small Home under 600 square Feet

Roofing Friday and Saturday

 With the plywood roof complete, Gordon was done for the day.  I received a detailed set of instructions on how to complete the roof.  He demonstrated the layout, cutting of shingles, starter shingles and safety.

Friday morning I began laying out the shingles, and this was hard work.  Very scary too!  That close to the roofs edge, and so far to fall… I took my time. 

I had my own compressor, and the roofing nail gun from Gordon, but no circus acts here.  I needed to stay sharp and concentrate on nailing the asphalt shingles.

I was hopeful that I could complete the one side of the roof on Friday, and yet only was able to lay half of the roof. Saturday I completed the balance, leaving a small section at the top for later.

Monday will find me back at the beach cabin to work on the roof.  I hope to have the whole roof layed by Wednesday August 1st. 

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