Small Home under 600 square Feet

June 28 – 30 Update Foundation, Water, & Electric

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Update: Grays Harbor PUD connected the  temporary power pole to the main electric across the street.  Water bib was installed to allow the concrete foundation workers to wash off tools and such.  Foundation forms for the footings installed, and ready for inspection by Grays Harbor Planning and Building. 

GH Planning inspector came out Friday morning to inspect and check property boundaries, all okay and cement was delivered that afternoon.  I was able to help out, and only got hit in the head once! Foundation footings are wider at the front door and living room windows to allow for the large bolts and hold-downs in the walls.  I have designed large windows in these area, and this type of foundation is required to support the house.  Plus with all this cement rebar we will be able to withstand any tropical storm or  natural disaster !

Looking forward to foundation stem walls, more cement, additional inspections, and daily visits from deer.

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