Small Home under 600 square Feet

Sunday, Monday Tuesday Update on Beach Cabin Build

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Images above  from the Sunday through Tuesday build.  Driveway brush cut and removed, red rock delivered by Ray Young Trucking, two loads ! Gordon worked the heavy equipment and with little effort made the machine work for him, and got the driveway soon smooth.  He is a real professional. Gordon also dug the 4 feet deep hole for the temporary power pole delivered by Buck Electric of Ocean Shores.  A group effort made for a successful standing of this very long 6″ x 6″ pole.  The excavator under the direction of Gordon’s superb skills dug the hole for the foundation.  He was able to save one frog,  12 bricks, and a small dark salamander. Not to mention countless fine ferns.  It was amazing to watch him use the bucket pluck out these fine plants without disturbing the surrounding area.  A master for sure!  We made great progress for the three days.  Wednesday is a no work day.  I went shopping for water supply line, more marking paint.  New garden hose, as we will need water when the foundation gets poured next week. 

Looking ahead: I meet with the foundation form subcontractor on Thursday, and with hope they can start later that afternoon.  If so, I’ll call the county inspector and get the first inspection under my belt.

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