Small Home under 600 square Feet

Permitting office Visit

One day this week I visited the Grays Harbor County Admin offices to submit mysmall home plan for permiting.  Oh its too much fun.  I was greeted like a well known friend, having visited the office three times before,  and was directed to be seated at Becky’s desk for a quick review of my printed  materials.  She glanced over the plans, stapled papers, and completed forms.  “Where is this one?”, she asked holding a blank form in the air.  “Oh yeah, that’s on my bed at home.  I forgot it.”  Not a problem, Becky handed me the  form, and allowed me to complete it right there.  In fact Becky allowed me to go back to my car to retrieve my “binder” of documents !

Excellent service, and my visit lasted only 30 minutes.  I should hear back within four weeks, at the outside. ( Becky gave me an A+ on my plan presentation)

 Then I went over to the forestry department to discuss water for the property.  yes, Forestry controls the water permits / service etc in this area.  Charlie greeted me, even though he was clearly at lunch, it was not a problem to help me out.  “complete the form and mail it back, and we’ll get started on the water service”, he said.  What friendly folks! And overall positive experience.

This article came out last week…might be of interest to some

A growth spurt for tiny house trend as seen in the Chicago Tribune…
I published a couple of books on dome homes in the early 1970s, and in 1973 I published “Shelter,” which was a sourcebook on building and featured different types of small dwellings. It had drawings of five small buildings that were recommended as a …

I also enjoyed this posting in the Tiny House blog

Always check out the news on small homes at small house society.


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