Small Home under 600 square Feet

Lot Cleared – Trees removed

This past weekend found us at SeaView Estates clearing the last of the six trees.  We are so luckly to have friends that will assist with the removal and are experienced in felling trees. Tim and his friends cut, chopped, and hacked for four hours!  I was sure to stay out of their way, and keep the road clear of twigs and branches. The trees were cut in to section five, ten and twenty feet long and stacked on a 20 foot trailer.  The crew took care not to damage the brush, and respect the other remaining trees.  Lunch break, rest time, and a quick drink of water. We stacked the small branches to the side, and Tim came by and cut them into workable sizes. Then I used a small ax to remove twigs and such. I’ll save those sections for future bonfires on the beach. We were left with a workable driveway, and stumps cut very close to the ground. Next up? Planning department at Grays Harbor county for a building permit. Wish me luck !

Please check out the news regarding Small House Society.

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