Small Home under 600 square Feet

Home Site Update – Clearing the lot by Hand

Saturday found us at the home site clearing the septic mound site and trimming the brush back.  The mound site for the drainage needs to be left untouched (so I am told) for the raised mound to be built.  On my hands and knees I clipped the Salal roots back, chopping the small huckleberry stumps out, and hacking the other brush away. After this was complete we moved the cabin location markers around, as we found the septic was too close to the proposed porch area. Even with six trees still left to remove, you can still get a good idea on the cabins position.

After two hours we were beat. We sat in the sun and ate our turkey sandwiches. Refreshed we took a short walk to the bridge and pond behind our lot. Then a short walk to Conner Creek to look for signs of fish.

I am sure one day I will be at the watersedge with fishing pole in hand. Maybe even some bait on the line. A short walk over the dunes found us at the beach.

What a great day to be at the beach, and in March! Not a sole in sight, we walked along in the surf….enjoying the quiet roar of the waves.

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