Small Home under 600 square Feet

Links and Resources

The Green Building Advisor provides good Strategic Planning in building green, check out the site at:

Need a Soil Survey.  I used this site  This gave me the soils information I just might need for the permiting process.  The site was too easy to use, and having the 18 page soils report emailed to me in five minutes was great. This screen shot of my soils report shows cloud cover, but you can tell the property is covered in shrubs and trees, which may appear as dirt, and yet, it is Yaquina loamy fine sand. Thanks for the original post !
Excellent collection of plans, resource information and an excellent forum for building discussion is at  Here you will find  a forum of Owner-Builder Projects with posting photos and comments about projects designed or built by the owners. The information provided in past posts was overwhelming to me.  I continue to find excellent suggestions, online tools and images of work in progress.  The site also features small home building, around 200 square feet.  Check it out.

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