Small Home under 600 square Feet

Plans, Models and Clearing

Plans for the small home are being drawn, updated, changed and redrawn.  Glad it is only cut and paste and not fir and concrete.

Working on keeping the space open, allowing for changes, moving of the couch and chairs to allow for art space.  Not much in storage, the closet is 6 x 6, small 3 x 3 pantry and another utiltiy closet in the center.  My thoughts are if you have the space you will clutter it with material needs you really don’t need. 

I also found it important to create a model of the home, and walk around it.  I set it up in the studio, and try to view it from all directions.  The collection of windows in the front and side are directed south, and will allow me to catch the morning and afternoon sun.  Recent visit to the building site proved this to be a great idea.  The sun was making its way through the trees, wow, and even for January, this was great.  The lagoon behind the lot was just breathtaking, I stood on the bridge and enjoyed the view, sounds and crisp air. 

A nice break from cutting back the brush. 

 I rented a brush cutter and worked for a few hours cutting a driveway, building pad and cutting a way to the future house. Hard work but fun. 
Till next time..

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