Small Home under 600 square Feet


Noticed the trend?  Downsizing your home? Small homes are coming back!

  More and more authors are documenting the trend to downsize the home, reduce the carbon footprint, and live with less.

EFFICIENT AND SMALL Prefabricated, ultra small houses make a big splash with young people and with seniors, too.  Is just one recent example.    The Daily Record reports that small home may just boost the construction market, however they are noting a trend downward, from 7000 square feet to 4000 square feet.  wow.

We are seeing tiny homes all across the US.  Tiny houses hold big appeal  in Nashville, TN.  Where Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. brings workshop to that city.  And Mother Nature Network follows up with another article on tiny homes,  noting that smaller is better.

In Ocean Shores, WA Christian Kazimir Construction began a small homes project two blocks from the beach, Wildwood Crest Bungalows.  Eight homes 200 square feet each, with loft sleeping, bathroom and kitchen.  Christian has maintained the native planting around each lot with provides for private deck space off the living room.  You can view the progress on his Facebook page.

Be sure to check out TINY LIFE AT

and Cabin Fever has some very nice idea too

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