Small Home under 600 square Feet

Small Homes = Less clutter = Happy Homeowner

As the year is coming to a close I think about the old skis, broken tennis racket (did I play tennis?) and seashell collection.  Professional organizer Marla Ottenstein tells me “it’s time to re-evaluate our lives and think about what really matters.”  Set my  priorities!  Spend time with the ones I love, declutter, and paying off my debt. Those last two are a challenge.  A family member suggested that I place my “excess stuff” on the sidewalk with a FREE sign on it.  Alot easier than stuffing it in the car and driving to the dumps or thrift store. 

ImageAnd I continue to make plans to have my small home built.  There’s big value in small houses, says By Steve Maxwell, of  The Ottawa Citizen, ” low-maintenance, beautiful and cosy homes meshes well with a world rediscovering the value of living within one’s means, and a mix of traditi­onal and modern building ­methods makes it easier to do than ever.”  I get boggled down with the layout of the small home ( read beach cottage) and how much closet space do I really need.  Sunset Magazine had an article on a 700 square foot home and decorating it.  It reminded me that small homes  allows on to get creative with flexible furniture,  strive to keep clutter  under control, and creative living spaces that may change with the hour of the day.  I have designed a living room with  six large windows, with a breath taking view of the forest, and warm fireplace, that will allow me to push the two overstuffed chairs against the wall, and open the area for an impromptu  art studio. The builders at Cabin Fever  have the right approach.  Efficient interior layouts that are a design and value driven.  Very much worth a viewing.


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