Small Home under 600 square Feet

Some Place to Park Your Tiny Home ?

I remember spending time in my grandparents small cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains.  It was a park-like setting, owned by a nice family, that rented  a collection of small one room cabins (read tiny homes) by the year.

They were steps away from the river, down the road from the community bathroom, tucked in around the redwood trees. 

Small Cabin

  Much older now,I spend countless hours reading small homes, tiny homes, and tumbleweed homes blogs.  Designing and planning my small home, reading posts from others like me who want a Tiny Home.  Then I read about post regarding communities of little homes.

Would there be more tiny homes if we had a place to park them? What about a trailer park that has seen better days, and is ready for a new life. 

I found this older  campground that is the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula Beaches. The closest campground to the Pacific Ocean on the Olympic Peninsula yet a world away.  A place to park you tiny home. Ready for trailers, some camping, public bathrooms and the beach.  And I have to ask…Is finding a place to park your home stopping you from building your Tumbleweed?

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