Small Home under 600 square Feet

Ready to Downsize?

The status of my home sale is pending….pending that the buyers approve the septic, approve the home inspection, and cherish the family of squirrels that live in the neighboring trees.

But this offer is good, and considering the home has only been on the market for 40 days is a testament that homes still sell and buyers wil buy what they like, providing the price is right.

A recent article on the American Dream of home ownership describes the current trends for prosective home owners.  I feel lucking to have this pending offer on my home.

With all this said, I have begun a passionate look at all my belongings.  I found many have not been treasured over the years (Christmas ornaments falling apart), moldly clothing (fake leather does not keep), letters from girl friends past (hum…).  The Goodwill is now my good friend.  

The hour I waited in line at Comcast to return and disconnect my service brought a whole new collection of friends.  I sat on the floor waiting my turn talking with a toothless gent, as we both watched Sponge Bob on the TV.  Well worth the wait, and the savings! Plus a new name for the christmas card list.

My new house plans should be out soon, and I’ll share them here.

Other news: Rowdy Kittens tiny home is coming along…check it out here.  Be sure to check out the news at Tiny House Design. 

from Tiny House Design HGTV show


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