Small Home under 600 square Feet


Small houses, tiny living, and downsizing has been a passion of mine for over a year now.  Downsizing from my 1400 square foot home into 584 sq. ft has been a long process. I have donated, tossed, and gifted a good portion of my art studio.  Recycled my clothing.  And have asked my two children to remove their treasures from the garage.  And still, I have too much stuff.

I receive my daily inspiration from The Tiny Life, Be More with Less, and my new favorite My Super-charged Life

Each weekend I travel to my small lot, and view other small homes in the area.  Avalon Homes I  Like the  new 3.1 refrigerator, washer / dryer combo unit, and a two burner stove top.   Yes, this would be perfect in my small home.

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