Small Home under 600 square Feet

Small One Log House

My passion for a small house found this image on the University Libraries of University of Washington.

Be sure to visit the new model from Tumbleweed homes, Box bungalow. 

My small home has taken two steps back.  Grays Harbor County has a new “form” to complete prior to submitting for septic or building permit.  This form (CLEAR) requires the homeowner to document what they intend to do with the lot over the next two years.  County reviews your site plan, notes, and surveys the area using online data from Dept of  Forestry, EPA, and other government agency’s.  Based on this reivew The County has required a Wetland biologist to review the water behind my lot.  This small pond may be considered at wetland. And thus I am waiting for the documentation from the biologists visit.

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