Small Home under 600 square Feet

DOWNSIZING My Home and Life’s Treasures

I have spent the last few weeks boxing up treasures, countless books, selling on E-bay, and moving things around.  All with an end goal of a second home at the beach. 

Sold my printing press, gave away a small dresser, my son sold his childhood car (which I garaged for 6 years), and reboxed the materials mentioned above.  I continue to rebox and go through the memories of materials, and goodwill what I really no longer need. 

Wall Street Journal has provided additional motivation with a series of articles on downsizing. Not sure what will be considered treasured family possessions by my children, or “junk from Dad”, I chose to select and rebox. 

Shipped off a set of candlesticks to my sister, thought they were junk, but oh no..she collects them! 

My second home, or vacation home, will only be 584 square feet.  This will provide comfort, closeness, and appear to be in step with downsized vacation homes.

I still find it hard to downsize, and I want it done quickly, but difficult to get rid of stuff that has been around me for the past 20 years. Any tips for me?  I found this article…29 tips for… glad there is only 29 of them.  I’d be lost with 30….

Septic update:  $11,000 for septic, $7,000.00 to clear the lot and prepare to build…..

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