Small Home under 600 square Feet

Update – septic and living in small spaces

This week the septic design came through, and is on its way to the County for approval.  I was informed that this process could take from 6 t0 8 weeks.

I have also had a conversation with the builder, and was encouraged by his passion for small and tiny homes.  Comforting to hear him talk about the websites he visits, the blogs he reads and his “green” building process. 

But I wanted to stay in a small house before commiting to under 600 square feet.  I found the Beach Camp at Seabrook.  They offer rentals of small homes, under 500 square feet, each with a unique personal touches.

The Roosevelt Beach Camp Cabin

You can read more about the Beach Camp at Seabrook on their Blog. I will be down sizing from a 1400 square foot home to under 600 square feet, thus I felt this might help me adjust to the small space.

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