Small Home under 600 square Feet

Mounds and Bottomless Sand Septic

Brisk Washington Wind in Winter

This pass week I have spent researching two types of septic systems : Mounds and Bottomless Sand.  My septic designer called and suggested the research, as I will be installing the septic myself, with professional guidance.  Reference Material was from  Both publications on Mounds and Sand systems were easy to understand.  Another excellent resource was .  This site offers :

“Sustainable housing design, passive solar, green home, zero energy, high thermal mass (HTM™) do-it-yourself solar house plans are featured along with septic system parts and consultation”

Further Progress has been made on working with a builder and drafter, thanks to the recent Tacoma Home and Garden show.  I interviewed several firms, took my time reviewing materials and actual buildings (yes, partially complete small homes), before making my selection.

I presented the Builder with a booklet of my ideas, simple drafts of my small home, and a site plan I created. 


Great article  from  Builder Magaine Nov 2006.   Read the pdf here…small houses  and from homes designed by Ross Chapin.  and cabins by Cabin Fever always inspire me.  Till next time…

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