Small Home under 600 square Feet

Recap of 2010 – Beginning of the Quest for Quiet

Search for Quiet

It was the third month of the year, my auction buy-it-now purchase was set to expire, and I was not going the miss out on a paid vacation.  Sand, wind and waves here I come.

Inspiration – Inspired by a small two room cabin I stayed in as a young boy, my passion for rustic nature settings I spent hours searching the web for visual ideas. Breath taking views, and beach grass beneath my feet.  I was hooked. But then I was always drawn to the beach.  Treasured childhood memories were filled with sand.

Research – I spent the better part of the year researching property, reviewing the news (I subscribed to the local newspaper), and viewing as many properties as I could.  Subscribing to the local paper was the best tool for getting a feel for the area.  Crime, want-ads, and legal happenings around town.  Especially real estate taxes, levies, and value.

I interviewed three real estate agents before selecting one that fit my values, listened to my needs, and found properties that were in my price range. Countless emails, drive-by viewings, and rainy walks paid off.  To meet my needs I selected a lot that did not allow weekend trailers or temporary campsites. 

Offer made, offer accepted.

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